One comment on “Courting Companions

  1. It might be worth nothing, also, that there are five companion “classes,” for lack of a better term, and that every player character’s crew fits into those five roles. For every class, there’s a healer, a melee tank, a ranged tank, a melee damage dealer, and a ranged damage dealer.

    Besides the obvious benefit of letting you practice working with different types of partners while you’re between Flashpoints and Warzones, these five roles also represent different permanent, Legacy-wide, bonuses which can be earned by maxing out Affection with one of the different companion types. Those bonuses are +1% Accuracy, +1% Max HP, +1% Crit, +1% Surge, and +2% Healing Received, in addition to strong improvements to the duration and cooldown of Heroic Moment. You only need to unlock each bonus once in order to enjoy the bonus on every character on your Legacy – which is to say, every character you have on that account, on that server.

    You can see more about these Legacy bonuses in your Legacy window (default keybind “Y”), under Imperial and Republic Classes.

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